Active Program
Girls 4 Year High School Scholarship Program
AIPHA is partnering with Loita Olodoare Women Community Based Organization (LWCBO) to provide a 4 year High School Public Health Scholarship program to adolescent girls in western Kenya. The government offers free tuition; however, many Maasai families do not have the funds for room and board, transportation or supplies. We plan to have the first round of applications be awarded to 11 girls. We hope to be able to fund all of the girls for all four years with your help!

Meet Annita! She has five brothers and sisters and loves to sing in church. She admires Kenya's Secretary of Environmental behavior for her sucessful life. She also loves to sew and hopes to learn more about it. Her favorite subject in school is studying the Kiswahili language. She is most proud of her parents for their hard work!

$675     1 year of room and board per student 
X  4        years of high school
$2,700 total for each student


Meet Branice! She has 3 brothers and sisters and is interested in business because she would like to make a lot of money to help her family. She is most proud of her head teacher, Agnes Sedera because she is hard working. She is a long distance runner and competes in regionals. She would love to learn more games to play and teach others.