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Empowering schoolgirls through sanitation

AIPHA is partnering with Loita Olodoare Women Community Based Organization (LWCBO) to provide sanitary kits and shoes to adolescent girls attending schools in western Kenya.

The Need for Access to Sanitary Products

In the Maasai communities of western Kenya, the challenges for girls to stay in school increase as they get older due to gender apartheid, early marriage, and the lack of resources and facilities to appropriately manage monthly menstruation. This leads to missed school and shaming. For these girls, providing a sanitary towel kit, a pair of shoes and masks enables them to obtain an education by providing a healthy school environment.

Project Leader Spotlight
Agnes Sempeyo Sadera

Agnes founded Loita Olodoare Women Community Based Organization (LWCBO) in 2015, the year after she graduated from Maasai Mara University.  This charitable women’s group is located in Narok, Kenya, a community of Maasai located southwest of Nairobi. The organization has a short-term goal to support learning of girls through provision of basic needs in school.  Their long-term goal is the empowerment of Maasai women through quality education.

About this project 

LWCBO has successively assisted girls in 5 schools near Loita.  AIPHA is partnering with LWCBO to fund an additional 7 schools by providing sanitary towel kits and shoes to each of approximately 600 girl students.  Each sanitary kit is sewn by women in the community trained with the skills for sewing. Each sanitary kit includes 2 holders, 8 liners, a hand towel and soap. The sanitary holders and liners are washable and reusable and intended to last for approximately 2 years.

What do the sanitary kits cost?

The cost for each sanitary kit including the fabric and sewing materials, sewing labor, transport, and miscellaneous supplies is approximately $9. The cost for each pair of shoes, transport, and labor is approximately $10. The cost for the material and sewing labor for two masks is approximately $1. The total cost to support each girl student with a sanitary kit, a pair of shoes, and two masks is $20. 

You can help

Please consider a donation to sponsor a student ($20), two students ($40), or five students ($100). 

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