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Welcome to AIPHA:
Alliance for Improved Public Health in Africa   

We're a non-profit organization run by volunteers, on a mission to provide life-changing public health  solutions for Africans in need.

Program Spotlight

Girls High School Public Health Scholarship Program

Congratulations to Eunice! She is one of four winners of our High School Scholarship Program for girls in Kenya. We have continued our partnership with Agnes Sedera and the Loita Olodoare Women's Community Based Organization (LWCBO). Eunice will receive a full public health scholarship covering all room and board costs, along with transportation to and from their homes to school for the entire year. We hope to send as many girls as possible; and, with your help we can! Click below to read more about Eunice's story and follow along on her journey as she leaves home for the first time to attend a boarding high school. Best of luck Eunice!

Children at the Opera Luigi Childrens home in front of the composting toilets

Program Spotlight

Composting Toilets in Kenya

We have partnered with Humanure Kenya to build toilets using scientific composting technology. These toilets convert human waste into compost for fertilizing crops. The composting process eliminates the risk of infection resulting from contamination of ground and drinking water. Read more about how these toilets will have a massive impact on the health of a community in Kenya.

Program Spotlight

Empowering schoolgirls through sanitation

In the Maasai communities of western Kenya, the challenges for girls to stay in school increase as they get older due to gender apartheid, early marriage, and the lack of resources and facilities to appropriately manage monthly menstruation. This leads to missed school and shaming.
Read more about our partnership with the Loita Olodoare Womens Community Based Organization (LWCBO) to help provide sanitary kits and shoes to adolescent girls attending school in western Kenya.


How we work

We accomplish our mission by working in partnership with trusted local non-profit organizations and in support of African countries to identify their health and sanitation needs, then provide solutions and funding to support their efforts.

How we're funded

We are a volunteer organization. Nearly every dollar donated goes to our funding recipients.
We are recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit. Your contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

How you can help

You can support our initiatives by donating money to projects we are actively raising funds for. We accept donations via Paypal (and Credit Cards) or checks.

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